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A Message from our President


As we come to the end of the current year, we reflect on goals reached and knowledge gained, and look for inspiration for the coming year.
Last month, we asked what you did for yourself in 2009 and what resources you discovered that you would share with colleagues.  We hope you find the responses, summarized in this month's article, interesting to read and helpful in your own planning for 2010.
We are happy to announce a new search this month with PLM Families Together.  Please take a moment to read the Executive Director's position profile and contact us if you or someone you know may be just right for this position. In addition, congratulations are due to 2 new staff at Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern NC: Ziva Raney has been appointed President/CEO, and Don Fowler is the Development Director.  Best WISHES to both!

All the best during the holidays,

Sherry Heuser
President, Capability Company

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Article of the Month

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Survey Results are In!  Here's the Lowdown....

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey questions in last month’s ezine. Your answers were informative, funny, inspirational and honest--in short, wonderful!
The majority of respondents described professional accomplishments.  40% took continuing education courses, acquired a professional certification, or completed a degree.  13% focused on networking, seeking out new opportunities and contacts.  A couple of folks met other professional goals—Chuck wrote a book about fundraising, and Rebecca started her own consulting firm.
40% of you told us about personal accomplishments—notably, Lovina moved back to a favorite city, Janice stuck with her yoga, Steven began teaching a spin class, and Laurie took an introductory German language course (sehr gut!).  Others carefully assessed their personal and professional goals and current situations, and realigned their work with their priorities.  Some challenged themselves to reach further, and some struggled with unmet goals.
The resources you found most helpful and would eagerly share with colleagues were varied.  Many responses noted the impact social networking sites and the internet have on our work: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were most often mentioned.  BoardNet, Constant Contact, Google Analytics, and Guidestar Newsletters also made the list.
Books and programs that received high marks included:
I, like 13% of the respondents, identified supportive colleagues and new personal insights (such as remembering the importance of patience and self-trust) as the most helpful resources this past year. For me, taking on the challenges of managing a company required equal parts reflective introspection and gung-ho gumption—as well as a great network of support.
I hope Capability Company encouraged and supported you in working toward your goals in 2009, and is an informative resource to share with colleagues in 2010.  If you have suggestions, questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best wishes for 2010!

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"I am quite sure that [this fiscal year] would have been a nightmare without you... You helped us hire two wonderfully qualified people who add to our Partnership team. Thank you so much."

Marsha Basloe
Durham’s Partnership for Children, a Smart Start Initiative


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