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A Message from our President

Dear Colleague,

It has been an exciting month for the Capability Company team--Rebecca is immersing herself in her artwork, and I am adapting to the new structure at the firm.  Just like you, our experience during the transition and our ability to take advantage of the opportunity to evaluate our processes and strategically plan for the future depends on our preparation and planning.  We are taking a good, hard look at how we do what we do, in order to align with clients' needs, trends in the sector, and our core expertise.

To this end, I ask that you  please take this quick, 3 question, 1 minute survey to help us gather information about your experiences and preferences. Your responses will help us target our services and make revisions to our business model to best meet your needs through this transition and into the future. We'll update you with the results in next month's ezine.

We have been working to increase your ability to navigate our ezine efficiently and get the most value out of it.  Some of the changes we've made to-date include:

  • The Bottom Line - Don't have time to read the entire article right now? Read the punch line now and come back to the full article later.
  • In This Issue - We've added a table of contents to quickly link you to each area of this month's ezine.
  • A Client's Perspective - Want more information about who our previous clients are? Their feedback is followed by their logo, which links directly to their website.
  • Give Us Feedback - Send us an email with your comments on this month's ezine. We love hearing from you!
We look forward to continuing to enhance our services, streamline our communication, and incorporate your needs into this next phase of Capability Company!

Thank you.

Sherry Heuser

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Article of the Month

Word count: 374
Approximate Reading Time: 4 Minutes

The Likeability Factor

by Amy Etheridge

If you're goal is to recruit new gift officers for your advancement office, the likeability factor could be the single most important consideration - greater even than a person's ability to do his or her job.

Congeniality impacts a gift officer's capacity to get along with colleagues, to fit with the institution as a whole and to succeed in building relationships and generating gifts. All critical, wouldn't you agree?

While a resume yields clues to a person's basic job qualifications and experience, what clues do you look for to determine "best fit" or likeability?

There are an exponential number of factors that impact likeability - many of which would be difficult to determine in one or two meetings. In order to pare down the numerous variables, here are four points to ponder for the identification of clues to likeability during a phone or face-to-face interview or even over lunch:

1. Self-awareness

  • How would the person respond given a particular situation?
  • How does the person come across to you?
  • How would the person come across to others (colleagues, Board members, donors)?

2. Self-management

  • How would the person control his or her emotions given a particular situation?
  • Does the person favor an emotional reaction or a rational response?

3. Relationship management

  • Would the person be a strong team leader or collaborator? How would he or she manage conflict between colleagues? Donors?
  • Could the person take part in training others?

4. Social consciousness

  • Does the person possess a keen awareness of the organization, its culture and its value system?
  • To what degree is the person focused on service to the community?
  • How well does the person show empathy towards the community, the people served by the organization and the people contributing to the organization?

If a person is significantly lacking in self-awareness, self-management, relationship management or social consciousness, he or she may not be the "best fit", regardless of lively personality and extensive work experience or knowledge.

Give the likeability factor the respect it is due. You'll build a team of motivated, industrious and discerning professionals whose camaraderie is revered and whose mutual interest in helping donors meet their philanthropic goals through supporting your institution is celebrated.


The Bottom Line:   Like judging a book by its cover, you can't always judge a recruit's fit by his or her resume - the answers to these four points clue you in to the likeability factor, perhaps the most important quality a gift officer possesses.

Amy Etheridge is president of Giving Leadership Opportunity (GLO), a professional resource for personal, customized nonprofit and business consulting services. GLO is committed to creating growth opportunities for organizations as they seek to achieve their missions and fulfill their community promise. Amy may be reached at or 919.521.5776.

Capability Company provides search services in partnership with nonprofit organizations to help them hire the best team members to fit their needs and fulfill the mission. To find out more about our services and to see how we can help you, visit

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Suzanne Sutter,
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