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A Message from our President


February is a nice time of year to take stock on your progress with your new year's priorities.  Here at Capability Company, we've been busy responding to your feedback and adding new features to our website.  What's new, you ask?  Well...

First, a number of nonprofit leaders asked us for help to better understand and prepare for organizational transitions, but didn't actually have a vacancy on the staff.  We responded by developing a new product - an Understanding Talent Management white paper and documentation worksheet just for them (and you).  We are excited to make it available to you on our website.  Check it out!

We are also partnering with colleagues to provide additional resources to build on your personal and professional development successes of 2009—we’ll add them to this new section of our website in the near future.

Your feedback to our surveys has been fantastic!  We are incorporating your input into our website, too... Take a look at the new list of programs and associations you wanted to share with colleagues in 2010.

And, as always, you can find a listing of upcoming events, our current searches, and this month's article, introducing our new Talent Management product, in this ezine.

Have a great month!

Sherry Heuser
President, Capability Company

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Article of the Month

Word count: 336
Approximate Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Understanding Talent Management

by Julie Lemond

The only constant in life is change.  Change can be anxiety-producing, or it can be seen as an opportunity for growth.  We all know if we anticipate change and are ready for it, the transition goes more smoothly; if we aren’t prepared, panic often ensues.  Leadership changes can be more easily embraced if your agency has a strong but dynamic strategic plan and talent management program.

There are many resources for strategic planning available, but we had difficulty finding information about talent management that related well to nonprofit organizations.  We heard the concerns and wishes of board members and executive directors, researched the topic, and decided to create the materials ourselves.  The resulting documents, Understanding Talent Management and The Documentation Worksheet, will assist you in the development of internal talent and in recruiting and assimilating new talent.

A thorough process goes beyond succession planning—our comprehensive guide offers insightful suggestions regarding the development of success profiles for key positions, the identification of departmental and individual gaps in skills, and the evaluation of the future needs of the organization as well as an individual’s aspirations.  A plan for monitoring these dynamic facets and maintaining agency records rounds out the process.

You may find that with this open process of planning for the agency’s need for new skills and nurturing employees’ career growth, you will have less turnover and your staff may by the ones identifying new talent to meet the needs of the growing agency.  And if you are faced with a vacancy, you will know you have an opportunity on your hands, not a roadblock.

The Bottom Line: A strong talent management program can turn a difficult situation into a valuable opportunity—and we can help you navigate your way to success.

Julie LeMond is a freelance writer specializing in nonprofit management issues.

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"Our Board is made up of volunteers and it was a great relief to be able to have a professional handle many of the time consuming aspects of a search."

Liz Rooks
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