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Last year you gave us great insight into resources that had been helpful to your organization. This year you did it again!  In January, we asked our readers to give us input on recent technology that you use regularly in your organization and you answered the call. Thank you for your feedback! You can read the overview of your responses in our article below.

We are happy to announce the fulfillment of two new positions this month. First, congratulations to Laura J.S. Benson, the new Executive Director of Durham's Partnership for Children.  Rev. Benson comes to DPfC with more than 13 years of leadership experience.  Congratulations also to Kristen Johnson, the new president and CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina. We know both of you will do well in your new roles.

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My best to you and yours,

Sherry Heuser
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Article of the Month

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Approximate Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Current Technology - Survey Results

by Sherry Heuser

These are technologically exciting times. There are so many new programs, apps, and sites out there that it is impossible to keep up. We asked about the new technologies you are using in your organization and here is how you answered.

Some of your favorite technologies and what they do:

  • Google alerts - monitoring tool for new web content - receive notification when new information about people, organizations or issues you identify appears on the web
  • LinkedIn - business-oriented networking site
  • Facebook - social networking service
  • Twitter - social networking and microblogging service
  • YouTube - video sharing service (more widespread, less control over final look and feel of vidoes, 10 minute max)
  • Vimeo - video sharing service (less widespread, more control over final look and feel of videos, no max time limit on video length)
  • StumbleUpon - discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users
  • Delicious - social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks
  • - URL shortening service - helpful for instant messaging services such as Twitter, that allow only certain numbers of characters.
  • Radian 6 - social media monitoring platform - find out what people are saying about your business, monitor it, and react to it.

Other general tools that are frequently used include:

  • cell phone applications
  • Outlook calendars & alerts
  • web cams
  • online financial programs
  • internet-based data systems

I'm seeing these trends in how people have used different technologies in the past year:

  • Increased use of cell phone apps for remote or virtual offices is increasing, allowing users to be connected and productive when they are away from their desk
  • Increased use of applications to improve efficiency among team members--scheduling meetings, coordinating calendars and tasks, intra-office communication
  • Increased use of social networking sites for professional needs--organizational communication, job searches, and community engagement; not just for sharing information about non-work activities with personal friends
  • Increased use of the internet for transactions (such as online banking, video monitoring, data management), rather than only for research
And your plans for the future??
  • Develop more effective use of social media to inform the public about activities and events, connect with potential donors
  • Develop more efficient and simplified management of programs and information through aggregators
  • Identify opportunities to use technology to improve a process, such as teleconferencing rather than booking travel
  • Taking the time to review how others have used technologies effectively

Bottom Line: The abundant technology resources being developed every day can make our work more efficient and effective--learning from our colleagues about what is available and how specific technologies help them can give us a starting point in an otherwise overwhelming selection of options.

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